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The following expressions have the following meanings:
'' Artist'' refers to Chelsey Leigh and any member of her team she may work with
''Client'' refers to the person or persons responsible for making the booking (usually the bride) and may be referred to as “you” in these Terms and Conditions..                                                                                                                                       “Writing” includes email but does not include texts or other forms of electronic communication.                                           ”Person” means the individual receiving hair and/or beauty services.

Reservations and Deposits 
To reserve your date whether for a wedding or other event a non-refundable and transferable deposit is required. When booking, without this deposit your date will not be reserved, unless otherwise agreed by Chelsey Leigh in writing. See details on the Price List.

Booking confirmations will only be sent to the person making the booking who will be presumed to be the Client unless otherwise agreed. This confirmation will be sent once the deposit and signed booking form have been received by Chelsey Leigh. Once booking confirmation has been issued to you the date for your event is secure.

After the deposit has been paid, the numbers of persons and treatments have been confirmed these may only be increased or amended with the agreement of Chelsey Leigh. Any increase in fee will have to take account of the change in the number of people and the amount of work involved and additional time and Artists required to provide the service agreed.

 If the number of persons is reduced the final fee will be based on the numbers agreed at the time the deposit was paid. 


The deposit will be deducted from the final balance. The final balance must be received no later than 6 weeks before the wedding day. 


Payment of the deposit confirms that you agree to the full terms and conditions for the services provided by Chelsey Leigh and her Artists. 

Client’s Responsibility
Skin allergies and sensitivities-
It is the Client’s responsibly to inform Chelsey Leigh at the time of the booking or, if later, as soon as it is known that any person who is to receive services from Chelsey Leigh has allergies or skin sensitivities or if they may be affected, in any way, by the use of hair or make-up tools or products. If so, a Design Consultation is highly recommended.


It is therefore recommended that the Client makes appropriate enquiries of the members of the wedding party who are to receive services from Chelsey Leigh.


Chelsey Leigh will not be held responsible for any reactions that may occur if any skin or hair conditions were not made disclosed before the application of make-up or hair products.



Chelsey Leigh is not liable for any materials or products that are recommended. Chelsey Leigh and her Artists are covered by Public liability insurance. 

Design Consultation Appointments                                                                                                

The Design Appointment is an appointment which all brides are required to have as a trial of their hair and makeup appearance so they know exactly how they will look on their special day and that together we are able to make any changes and avoid any adverse impact on the arrangements and timetable on the morning of their wedding


Payment for Design Consultation Appointments must be received not later than 4 days prior to the appointment trial. This payment is non-refundable if the appointment is cancelled by the Client.

Design Appointments will be held at a location proposed by Chelsey Leigh. 


Design Consultation Appointments cannot take place at weekends when Chelsey Leigh is attending a wedding. Appointments for Design Consultation Appointments are therefore available Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

Please note that if you request a second Design Consultation Appointment this will be attract a repeat fee.

If the Client, for any reason knows or suspects that any member of the bridal party may require special or specifically personalised attention they are encouraged to arrange a Design Consultation Appointment to avoid potential problems or delays on the wedding day.


Where, in the opinion of Chelsey Leigh there is a mismatch in style or approach, and you or the individual person are not open to professional advice or guidance, Chelsey Leigh has the right to decline to provide a service to that person without refund.  

Health and Safety                                                                                                                          

Clients are asked to ensure that all persons receiving services do not sit children/babies on their lap whilst having their hair styled or make-up applied. 


For the safety of everyone please ensure that children are kept away from all styling tools and products at all times. Please be aware that styling irons are extremely hot, and hazardous. 


Chelsey Leigh will not be held responsible if a child is injured as a result of a parent or carer not exercising proper vigilance and control.



Punctuality and Time Delays  


On the wedding day or day of your event, time is very important to ensure that everyone is ready when necessary. Chelsey Leigh will not be responsible for any delays caused by events beyond their control.

Chelsey Leigh will agree a programme of timings with you to meet the needs of all your people. Clients are asked to ensure that every member of their party who is to receive a 
service from Chelsey Leigh is aware of these timings on the day and that they continue to be available. 

Please ensure that bridesmaids and any other person requiring make-up/hair services are 100% confirmed in order to avoid any disappointment.

To ensure efficient and punctual service also ensure, that prior to having make-up applied or hair styled members of the party do not leave the chair while the Artists are working.

It is also of great importance to ensure that hair is clean, completely dry, and free from products. It is of great assistance if hair is washed the night before, heavy conditioners are not applied. Please note that non- straightening of hair is advised, unless previously agreed at a Design Consultation Appointment.

No refund or compensation will be given in the event of delays caused by or relating to any of the above factors or due to other wedding vendors, guests, or members of the bridal party. 

Notification should be given to Chelsey Leigh of any changes which you wish to propose in respect of the booking of the event and/or Design Consultation Appointments as soon as possible. This includes changes to the number of clients, location, date and times. 

Chelsey Leigh cannot guarantee in advance that any such changes will be agreed as these may depend on her availability and that of her Artists. Chelsey Leigh will confirm, either personally or in writing, any changes that have been agreed and any alterations to the fees payable.
Proposed changes to Design Consultation Appointments must be received by Chelsey Leigh, in writing, not less than 48 hours before the date/time of the appointment to avoid the risk of disappointment. If changes result in the number of persons attending being significantly reduced, Chelsey Leigh has the right to change the time or date of the appointment. 

It should also be noted that if a booking is changed which results in the number of persons receiving a service falling below the originally confirmed numbers, the original confirmed total will still be charged.
If part of a booking is changed/cancelled less than 6 weeks prior to the wedding date, the balance will still be required in full. Any postponement will incur a £100 moving fee.

Please inform Chelsey Leigh of any proposed changes in order that any changes to costs can be provided.

All payments are required by bank transfer to Chelsey Leigh. Cheque and PayPal payments are not accepted. 

The final balance payments must be received no later than 6 weeks prior to the wedding date by Chelsey Leigh. Failure to pay the final fee by the stated time may result in the date for the event being released.

The price agreed at the time of confirming the booking is final, subject to increases arising from agreed changes. If Chelsey Leigh’s price list changes this will not affect your booking.

It is the responsibility of the Client to read and accept responsibility for all booking conditions and payments due.  By proceeding to secure a booking by paying a deposit you accept that you are entering into a contract with Chelsey Leigh on the basis of these Terms and Conditions.  



These will apply to larger parties or in respect of early ceremony times or if an additional Artist is required to assist. Such surcharges begin at £100.00. These charges are to ensure that everyone is complete in plenty of time and to the highest standard. See details on the Price List

Surcharges will apply if Artists are required to work or travel before 6:00am. 


When Chelsey Leigh is booked as the main artist a surcharge will apply to the effect that the minimum fee will be £400.


Travel and Related Charges 
Chelsey Leigh and Artists travel time is charged on the basis of 45p per mile within the Home Counties and 60p per mile to locations within the M25 (London). 

Travel expenses will be added to the final balance together with any fees for parking, taxis or congestion or similar charges. 

Details of these charges are set Price List.

Cancellation by the client -
In the event of cancellation of the main event any payments that have been made will not be refunded. Should you need to cancel any appointment please contact Chelsey Leigh as soon as possible.

The client can cancel a Design Consultation Appointment at any point more than 48 hours before the appointment. However, a cancellation with less than 48 hours’ notice will be charged at the agreed rate but can, as an alternative, be changed to another mutually convenient day/time. 

If for any reason the Client wishes to cancel the event booking, they must give Chelsey Leigh written notice no less than 6 weeks before the event date. If notice is given after this time, the full outstanding amount will remain payable. 

Cancellation of the booking by Chelsey Leigh -
If, due to unforeseen factors or events, Chelsey Leigh or her Artists are unable to attend the event to provide the service,

  1. she will endeavour to find another professional hair and/ or make-up artist of equal standard and will transfer the booking and payment to that artist if agreed by you. 

  2. where no other suitable alternative can be offered, a full refund will be given to you. By their nature, these are events that cannot be anticipated therefore you are strongly advised to take out wedding insurance to protect you against these situations.

If the booking is directly and adversely affected by circumstance beyond the control of Chelsey Leigh and the event cannot proceed –

  1. Where possible Chelsey Leigh will endeavour to rectify the situation, but no compensation will be payable. Consequently, you are strongly advised to take out wedding insurance to cover you against these situations.

  2. In the event of extreme weather conditions, where the Met Office have issued a 'Red' Warning, preventing travel Chelsey Leigh has the right to cancel the booking without refund. Again, you are strongly advised to take out wedding insurance to cover you against such a situation.

If Chelsey Leigh or any member of her team are subject to abuse, impoliteness or intimidation of any nature of form; or are otherwise made to feel uncomfortable in any way due to the conduct or misconduct of any of the members of the bridal party, wedding guests, or other wedding vendors Chelsey Leigh reserves the right to terminate the contract without refund.

It is imperative that the Chelsey Leigh continues to update her portfolio for future prospective brides and events. Please let the Chelsey Leigh know in advance if you or any person in your party does not wish to be photographed or if you are not happy for Chelsey Leigh to use your images for marketing purposes, websites and social media pages.


This contract and any dispute or claim arising from it shall be governed by English law.

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